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August 5, 2011
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LS qlocktwo by cTn LS qlocktwo by cTn
This packages is now available in Cydia under the name: Lockscreen qlocktwo EN, Lockscreen qlocktwo FR

I am sure you heard of qlocktwo if not check them out over here [link]

i was trying to get close as possible to the original clock from qlocktwo, if not, well i tried my best :-/

iOS 4.2+
Lockscreen Clock Hide (this package doesn't add any new icons, its settings is available through the system settings)

This package so far supports English and French translation, German can be found here [link]

This Lockscreen was build in qlocktwo image, on iPhone 4 running iOS 4.3.3 so i currently cant test how this theme would appear on different ios versions/second and third gen devices (for that i am sorry)

Working (tested) on:
iPhone 4 - 4.3.3
iPhone 3G - 3.2.1 (jx1-productions)

To qlocktwo for his original design [link]

06.08.2011 0.1 - initial release
06.08.2011 0.2 - 12:00 bug fixed
06.08.2011 0.3 - forgot to remove my debug code :(
10.08.2011 0.4.1 - fixed 00 and 24 hours display bug and added an small transition between clock changes
11.08.2011 0.4.2 - added French translation (hope it makes some people happy) :) and removed the green background version (everyone can replace the background image him self)
24.08.2011 0.4.2 - freiherr released an german translation that you can find here [link]
17.09.2011 0.4.3 - slider bugfix for ios 4.2.1 non retina devices
12.06.2012 0.4.4 - changed the tap to unlock to a simple slider, added a camera icon to support ios 5.1+, minor optimization in power consumption, bugfixes for ios 5.1+
17.02.2013 0.4.5 - Thin black line on lockscreen bugfix for ios 6.0+

Happy skinning!

If you like my work and have any spare change to DONATE - Paypal
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Is it possible to get this for your computer as a widget?
where can i download this?
link pls
Danish989 Jun 25, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Never mind the last message, I did find this on Cydia, but I'm not sure if it's the right one? The background picture is a girl, and the text has colors. It looks nothing like the preview here on dA. Do I have the right one?
Danish989 Jun 25, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
I can't find this in Cydia, what source is it under?
Hi there!

I love this watch, thanks for realising this!

Can you please let me know if it is possible for me to completely remove the black Background Wallpaper. I have LivePapers running on my Lockscreen and would like to have this behind the wordclock. :-)
Beautiful! I absolutely love the simplicity. One question, is it possible to add temperature to this?
Trying to make a dutch version. Translated everything. Only problem is that the highlited letters aren't the correct ones ...

I managed to find an image of a dutch qlocktwo, so was able to edit the background file correct.

Need to do some finetuning, can you help me out?
Ok, managed to find out myself. So got a working dutch clock now.
elapache Mar 30, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
i love it
Will this be optimised for the iPhone 5's screen size?
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